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It takes a village.

At Coplex, we believe that startups are only as successful as the ecosystem that surrounds them. We did the heavy-lifting of hand-picking and assembling a renowned network of mentors, investors, corporate partners, and community leaders to support our founders and operators as they take their companies from idea to seed-ready. Every Coplex partner plays an active role in the incubation of each of our ventures.


World-Class Mentors

Mentors at Coplex are successful business leaders who have experience running public companies, raising billions (collectively) in outside capital, exiting high-growth tech companies, and navigating the journey of early-stage startups. Our passionate and inspiring mentors are intentionally matched with our ventures to fill identified gaps leveraging their background, connections, and experience. Coplex mentors have a wide range of experience and have worked for a variety of high-growth startups as well as respected companies like Google, Intel, GoDaddy, Uber, PetSmart, and more.


Are You Mentor Worthy?

We’re always looking for quality mentors with a variety of backgrounds (not just tech) to work with our ventures. We look for experienced executives with successful exits that are looking to give back and participate in the Coplex innovation ecosystem. Many of our successful mentors join as formal Advisory Board members for our ventures.

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List of Mentors

Our mentors get to put their experience and networks to work while also enabling more possibilities for our ventures, founders, and operators.

Valerie Paxton Former VP, Insight  LinkedIn

Valerie Paxton
Former VP, Insight

Jaime Casap Education Evangelist, Google  LinkedIn

Jaime Casap
Education Evangelist, Google

Rebecca Clyde CEO/Co-Founder, Botco.ai  LinkedIn

Rebecca Clyde
CEO/Co-Founder, Botco.ai

Yaniv Masjedi CMO, Nextiva  LinkedIn

Yaniv Masjedi
CMO, Nextiva


Investor Network

Our active and diverse investor network includes members across the globe, including angel investors, successful entrepreneurs, VC firms, corporations, and family offices. New ventures have access to billions in capital from our collective pool of engaged and geographically-distributed investors that place bets in Coplex graduates.

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Corporate Sponsors and Partners

Coplex partners with the best service providers to support our early-stage tech companies. As part of the program, ventures gain access, discounts, and special resources from our partners to accelerate their journey to seed-ready.


Venture Co-founders and Operators

Are you a skilled business operator with extensive industry expertise and unfair advantages to bring to an early-stage startup? We have a startup matching program to match you with new Coplex ventures and corporate spin-outs.

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