We bring together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators to solve big industry problems using technology.

We are Venture Builders.

We bring together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators to solve big industry problems using technology.


Experience the Coplex Advantage

We assemble world-class teams, partner them with our expert venture builders, and empower them with a proven program to start high-growth tech companies.

Our lean startup methodologies paired with your deep industry knowledge de-risks and optimizes our chances to create a winning tech business.


Technology is transforming the core of every industry, and high-growth tech companies are being created at a pace unlike we’ve ever seen before. Unlock your unfair advantages to participate in the disruption and innovation happening within your space.




Ready to bring your industry expertise and your business experience into tech? Join our community of seasoned operators looking to run a high-growth technology company in the industry you know well. Not ready to join full-time? Apply to become part of our mentorship program.

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Get a first-look at our unique investment opportunities at all stages by joining our Coplex Investor Network. Gain access to off-market deals of highly-vetted companies run by seasoned industry experts.

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Why Join Coplex

The world needs what you are most uniquely qualified to deliver, and we all need people we can count on to help bring our vision to life. We provide an environment and ecosystem where ideas flow and like-minded people create exchanges that are always innovating, always extraordinary.

Trending Industries



We’re creating new, diverse technologies utilizing big data and machine learning to constantly provide new channels of communication and access to information between patients and healthcare providers.

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Financial Services

We’re driving the future of Fintech for both consumers and enterprise markets. We help our partners deliver innovative digital solutions from AI to Blockchain and beyond.


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As the retail landscape continues to evolve, we remain at the forefront of tech-enabled retail. We work with our partners to build innovative, customer-centric solutions from augmented reality to conversational commerce.

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Media & Entertainment

When it comes to digitalization and new monetization strategies for the ever-changing world of 5G, VR and AR, we are continually innovating at the intersection of industry and technology.


 If you’re ready for extraordinary, we’re here to help you get there.