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The Age of Industry Expert Founders

The democratization of technology is enabling Industry Experts (not just coding geniuses) to start the next wave of the world's most valuable tech companies. You have subject matter expertise, cultivated relationships, and business operating experience to pair with the massive upside potential of technology business models.

"The average age of a successful startup founder is 45 (not 20-something)."

Harvard Business Review 2018

Lead the Innovation and Disruption Happening in Your Industry

We focus exclusively on helping Industry Experts start, launch, and fund the next wave of high-growth tech companies in their space. Our lean startup methodologies paired with your deep industry knowledge de-risks and optimizes our chances to create a winning tech business.

Profile of Our Typical Founder

Industry Experts

15+ years of experience in the space in which they are solving a problem

Business Experience

Built, run, or sold companies in a traditional industry or held senior leadership positions within an enterprise

Identified Opportunity

Looking to solve a big problem in their space leveraging a tech business model to create substantial value

Seasoned Leaders

Typically over the age of 40 and more seasoned and experienced than stereotypical “20-something” founders

We’re Your Partner from Idea to Venture-Ready

We’re a team of expert startup builders, with over 280 startups under our belt with an aggregate $4.5B market value. Together, we’ll co-create and bring your idea to a seed-ready, $5M valuation in as little as 9 months.

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A Proven Program for Industry Expert Founders to Build Tech Companies

Our structured 9-month program is designed around you, the Industry Expert. We bring the team, resources, best practices, and network to turn your concept into a venture-ready company.

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The Coplex Ecosystem

It takes a network to be successful. Our founders have access to our network of 25 mentors with over $6B in exits, active investors from around the globe, and corporate partners interested in your space. Our founders also gain access to our quarterly Cocktails with Creators social events and our invite-only monthly event, AXIS.

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