Smile Virtual




HIPAA compliant and MVP launched in October of 2018



Validated experience for dentists & patients in November of 2018



Gained over 100 new patients within the first six months



Launched v2 with dentists nationwide in January 2019



Crossed $17K in MRR in January 2019



Crossed $26K in Monthly Recurring Revenue in June 2019

Say hello to your new smile

Through a convenient online tech solution, Smile Virtual effortlessly connects patients to local dentists to obtain virtual consultations to create the smile of their dreams.

Meet Jenn Rhoades and Dr. Brian Harris.

Jenn, CEO of Smile Virtual, and a long-time marketing expert joined Dr. Harris on the journey to giving people the smile of their dreams in a way that was easy, convenient, and not-intimidating. Dr. Harris, a cosmetic dentist based out of Phoenix, Arizona who is known for his ability to create beautiful looking smiles. After transforming smiles for many years, Jenn and Dr. Harris realized that the biggest barrier for patients is that they truly want to improve their smile, but are unsure of the possibilities—Smile Virtual makes it possible for patients to have all of the information they need to simply begin and improve their smile in three easy steps.

The Problem

For Dentists:

It’s difficult to close the sales process on
treatment for patients, as well as build trust with the patients in their practice. Additionally,
dentists lack the efficiency needed to save themselves and their patient's time in the chair.

For Patients:

Many patients wish to fix their smile but are unsure how to get the process started. With busy lifestyles, it’s a hassle to do an in-office visit when they aren’t certain who to trust, what is possible and how much it’s going to cost them. Therefore, they do nothing.

The Idea

To allow dentists to work with patients in a way that breaks down barriers, creates relationships, and qualifies individuals for procedures ahead of time while giving patients their dream smile.

The Patient Benefit:

Smile Virtual allows patients to connect with a dentist to learn the possibilities for improving their smile without ever leaving home.

The Dentist Benefit:

Smile Virtual allows dentists to pre-qualify patients before they ever step foot in the practice, saving chair time for more profitable procedures.

Bringing the Idea to Life

The Team

Smile Virtual partnered with our team of startup builders to bring their idea to life. Together, our team consisted of:

  • Jenn Rhoades, CEO and Cofounder
  • Dr. Brian Harris, Advisor and Cofounder
  • Program Manager
  • Branding and Design
  • Product Designers
  • Tech Team for the Software Build
  • User Acquisition and Marketing
  • Content Experts

The Workshop

The Smile Virtual team met up with Coplex in July of 2018 for a 2-day lean canvas workshop. Together, we workshopped the original idea of Smile Virtual: an easy-to-use consultation platform to generate more clients for dental practices, while providing patients accessible cosmetic dentistry options. There was a goal to eventually Whitelabel this solution to other dental practices as well during the 9-month program.

The Program

User Acquisition

We leveraged Facebook and Instagram ads to drive dental leads to Smile Virtual’s consultation platform. Over 20 ad, imagery, and audience variables were split tested in order to drive customer acquisition costs down and maximize spend.

Design & Development

Coplex created Smile Virtual’s logo, website, and
platform. In addition, we helped to position their Brand Voice and content, create marketing handouts, and assist with fundraising materials such as Investor Decks and introductions. Smile Virtual came to Coplex with a cumbersome mix of software, which was then repaired and built anew from our team of developers. Together, we introduced a new, easy-to-use and a secure platform for Dentists and their patients.

Initially we were on the hunt for a dev shop to help us build our own platform. We were introduced to Coplex through a friend in their mentor program, and after hearing what they had to offer, it was a no-brainer for us. During the workshop, Coplex helped open our eyes to the possibility of creating a high-growth tech company. Not only were they going to help with the technology, but they were going to offer a process that helped build the entire company. Needless to say, after the workshop, we were all in! With Coplex, we were able to compress years worth of learning into a handful of months. They helped us reach $35k in MRR and prepare for a seed round within 9-months. Most importantly, the mentorships and relationships we built going through the Coplex program will last a lifetime.
Jenn Rhoades

CEO of Smile Virtual