MVP launched in March 2019



Reached Post-Revenue in May 2019



Began hiring team members in June 2019




On-demand shifts for nurses.

Through a convenient online tech solution, Nurseio creates effective communication between healthcare employees and facilities around resourcing and relieves stressful communication exchanges.

Meet Co-Founders Seth Courson, Ryan Kober, and Callie Ott.

Seth has been an executive in the business management space since 2010. As a current partner and co-founder of Nurseio, he has grown the company 4x since February 2018. Ryan is a former account manager at Cisco and SleepMed. He took his leadership skills to Nurseio to help make healthcare as frictionless as possible. Callie comes from a background in district management and consulting before transitioning into the healthcare industry in 2012. She is helping Nurseio grow with her management and healthcare expertise. Together, these founders are making dynamic changes in the healthcare industry.

The Problem

For Nurses:

Nurses lack effective communication around potential, extra shifts from their employers. Additionally, payment from nursing facilities can be slow and unreliable.

For Nursing Facilities:

Finding quality, dependable nursing professionals is a tough job. There is a high rate of no-shows, leaving more shifts open than there are nurses to fill.

The Idea

To provide nursing facilities with high-quality nurses while simultaneously providing nurses with more shifts, flexible schedules, and on-demand pay.

The Facility Benefit:

The ability to easily find on-demand, reliable labor in real-time on an organized platform that makes facilities more organized and communicate more efficiently.

The Nurse Benefit:

Shifts are easy to find, on-demand work is available when needed, and payment occurs at the end of each shift.

Bringing the Idea to Life

The Team

Nurseio partnered with our team of startup builders to bring their idea to life. Together, our team consisted of:

  • Seth Courson, Co-Founder
  • Ryan Kober, Co-Founder
  • Callie Ott, Co-Founder
  • Program Manager
  • Branding and Design
  • Product Designers
  • Tech Team for the Software Build
  • User Acquisition and Marketing\
  • Content Experts

The Workshop

The Nurseio (formally called Nurses Plus) team met up with Coplex in September of 2018 for a 2-day lean canvas workshop. Together, we workshopped the original idea of Nurseio: to provide skilled nursing facilities with high-quality nurses, visibility into nursing profile and documents, and effective communication with stakeholders required to fill a shift. The team joined the 9-month Coplex program in October of 2018.

The Program

User Acquisition - Supply Side

Coplex identified that Nurseio’s target demographic was very active on Facebook and Instagram. Utilizing detailed targeting parameters, Coplex was able to hone in on Nurseio’s target audience, drive them to their website, and nudge them to submit their information and convert to a lead. This experiment yielded over an 11% conversion rate in under two weeks.

Design & Development

Coplex created Nurseio’s logo,  website, and platform. In addition, we helped to position their Brand Voice and content, create marketing handouts, and assist with fundraising materials such as Investor Decks and introductions.

As founders, we knew a lot about our industry but we were struggling to organize our new ideas into something that would create the highest value. The team at Coplex brought a lot of fresh technology, branding, sales channels, and business perspectives that allowed us to create a really interesting customer solution. We’re fortunate for their partnership and have valued each chapter in our partnership.
Seth Courson

Co-Founder of Nurseio