Bring Your Best Ideas to Life.

Ideas flourish when they're given the space to grow. Empower your team and increase structure with a customized platform that your whole organization can access.

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Evaluation Rubric

Create a rubric based on your organization's unique priorities and standards to seamlessly rate the value of your ideas.

Capture Ideas

Everyone in your organization can submit ideas to make sure that no innovative idea gets left behind.

prioritize & Evaluate

Using the rubric as a guide, you can say goodbye to stifled growth and effectively decide which ideas to execute.

Customize How You Gather Ideas.

Collaborate and build a rubric that rates your ideas according to your unique criteria. List as little or as much as you need, and decide the importance of each component to effectively and fairly grade your ideas.

Get Detailed Reporting.

Our system will give you a weighted score based on the unique rubric designed by your organization. You will be able to see a detailed report to seamlessly assess your solutions.

White Labeling For Your Business.

Enjoy a truly personalized Idea Management System. Our designers work with your organization to customize your dashboard to fit the personality and style of your brand.

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