Surpassed $12k MRR April 2019



Raised $1M seed funding Sept 2019



Won Arizona Innovation Challenge Award Dec 2019





Insurmi provides an AI-powered digital assistant, Violet, that guides consumers through the entire customer journey (filing a claim, questions about their policy, etc.) by enabling insurance carriers to engage with customers online, faster claims processing and answering their questions 24-7.

Meet the Founder: Sonny Patel.

Sonny Patel was working as a sales director and financial advisor at a top life insurance company when he realized the process of buying and selling insurance was unnecessarily cumbersome and outdated. He was determined to change this and worked to develop a solution to simplify and take the guesswork out of the insurance buying process. That solution would eventually become Insurmi.

Now, Insurmi is being used by a number of top-tier global insurance carriers, including Principal Financial Group and Farm Bureau Financial Services, to transform the customer experience by streamlining customer claims and delivering excellent customer service through helpful, conversational AI.

The Problem

Insurance carriers are struggling to find relevancy with millennial consumers who prefer a digital experience, especially in three core areas: 
• Sales: The insurance sales process is still largely
reliant on offline channels which leads to lost opportunities with digital-first customers.
• Claims: The entire claims process is generic, lacks
personalization, and involves complicated and cumbersome paperwork.
• Customer service: Like most legacy industries, the
insurance customer service is still reliant on labor-intensive call centers, without 24-hour availability.

The Idea

To build a highly customizable, conversational AI-powered platform that provides a digital option for policy purchases, claims processing, asking policy-related questions, and more without making the customer navigate through traditional, cumbersome channels.

The Benefits for Carriers:

  • Increase sales & market share
  • More efficient claims processing
  • Reduce operational costs\
  • Improve customer service experience

Bringing the Idea to Life

The Team

Sonny partnered with the Coplex team of venture builders to bring his idea to life.
Together, our team consisted of:

  • Program Manager
  • Branding and Design
  • Content Experts
  • Product Designers
  • Tech Team for the Software Build
  • User Acquisition and Marketing

Insurmi Origins

Sonny partnered with Coplex in 2016 to create the Insurmi MVP: An insurance comparison site with a chatbot interface. After conducting market testing through 2017, the comparison site gained a little traction, but Sonny soon realized that he needed to make a pivot in order to develop a sustainable business model. In 2018, Insurmi made the transition from a B2C insurance comparison site to a B2B offering where the insurance companies were the primary customers. Violet, an AI-powered assistant was created once Sonny realized how big of an opportunity there was by leveraging chatbot technology.

The Program

While Sonny had a clear understanding of the industry challenge and how to solve it from a high level, he didn’t have the technical chops to build his vision. So he teamed up with Coplex again in June 2018 to build the platform for Insurmi:

Design & Development

Coplex created the Insurmi website, and the AI-powered technology for the platform. In addition, we helped to position their brand voice and content, create marketing playbooks and materials, and assisted with fundraising materials such as investor decks and introductions.

The Results

It took about 8 months to build out the core tech, launch a pilot, and generate positive results that proved Insurmi was onto something big. Insurmi partnered with Farm Bureau Financial services for a test that revealed the chatbot interface was generating conversions 3x the industry average for life insurance application requests submitted, compared to the generic insurance company forms. This discovery led Insurmi down a quicker path to revenue.

Being in the Coplex program meant I didn’t have to worry about anything technology related, including managing a dev team, or creating a product roadmap. Coplex provided the whole founding team to rally behind me and make the magic happen. As a solo-entrepreneur that was a big deal because it freed me up to focus on being the subject-matter expert, getting the word out, and getting customers.
Sonny Patel

Insurmi Founder & CEO