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Healthcare is a traditional industry that has been slow to adopt digital technologies. However, innovation experts and futurists are predicting that healthcare is ripe for technological disruption, and we’re seeing evidence of this disruption within the Coplex ecosystem.

HealthTech at Coplex

Coplex prides itself on helping entrepreneurs and enterprises turn their ideas into innovative, tech-powered industry solutions. Listed below are a few Coplex ventures that leveraged technology and digital business models to move the healthcare sector into the future.


Founded: 2018
 Seth Courson, Ryan Kober, Callie Ott
On-demand staffing platform for nurses and nursing facilities

Notable Milestones:
After partnering with Coplex in December 2018, Nursio launched its minimum viable product in May of 2019 and began hiring in June the same year. 

Happy Hired

Founded: 2019
Yvette Tanner
SaaS healthcare staffing platform, matching in-home care providers with qualified caregivers

Notable Milestones:
After launching a minimum viable product in Phoenix in January 2019, they achieved their first monthly recurring revenue in February before launching state-wide in April. The company has since expanded its leadership team, improved its algorithm, raised seed funding, and is currently working on Series A.

Smile Virtual

Founded: 2017
Jenn Rhodes, Brian Harris
Online system that enables dentists to provide virtual consultations for new patients, and pre-qualify patients ahead of time

Notable Milestones:
Smile Virtual launched a HIPPA compliant MVP in October 2018, followed by a nationwide launch of its platform in January 2019. In July 2019, Smile Virtual surpassed $35,000 monthly recurring revenue, and the company continues to grow with no external funding.

Heads Up Health

Founded: 2014
David Korsunsky
Online dashboard that integrates medical and lifestyle data to provide consumers with a complete picture of their health, along with analytics tools for performance optimization

Notable Milestones: Heads Up Health spent most of its first two years after launch building the clinical and lifestyle integrations that are the foundation of its MVP. In the fall of 2019, the startup acquired it’s first B2B customers and surpassed $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue. Now HeadsUp Health is working on a solution for practitioners and plans to be a HIPPA and FDA compliant software-as-medical-device for AI/ML data sciences.


Founded: 2017
Founder: Meghan Kuhn
Provides easy, immediate access to top coaches for productive, professional, and insightful 30-min sessions.

Notable Milestones: Priizm started testing the market for accessible, on-demand coaching in the Fall of 2017. By June 2018, it had more than 100 users, was onboarding the second cohort of coaches, and had applications for 100 more. Priizm continued to pick up momentum in summer and fall, with media mentions and the founder Meghan Kuhn presenting the solution in Dubai, after which demand for the product went international. In January 2019, Priizm began expanding its team and launched an official training program for coaches.  


Founded: 2018
George Carr, DDS
Digital communication platform that empowers patients to share their concerns with dentists, and dental practices to streamline patient communication and scheduling

Notable Milestones: MiniDentist founder George Carr DDS started beta testing diagnosis models for his idea in the summer of 2018. After teaming up with Coplex in Q1 2019, MiniDentist began the process of customer discovery and market testing. The company launched a minimum viable product in summer 2019.

HealthTech Innovation Mentors

Our exclusive ecosystem is an integral part of setting Coplex ventures up for success. We have an entire community of mentors, investors, and advisors available to provide ventures with industry-relevant guidance if and when they need it at any stage of their Coplex journey. 

Here are some of the healthcare industry mentors and partners from the Coplex ecosystem.

Jim Prendergast is a board member, mentor, and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience innovating in the healthcare space, including launching several healthcare startups. 

James Hoyt is a mentor with a track record of helping tech companies scale through process innovation. He recently started as Director of Provider Operation at Oscar Health. 

Bill Goodwin is a mentor and coach who has held leadership positions at several healthcare companies, including a new role as CEO at MeMD.

John Shufeldt is a doctor, a lawyer, and a business expert, as well as a Coplex mentor. He is also the founder and Chief Medical Officer at MeMD.

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