We bring together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators to solve big industry problems using technology.

Thinking Lean.

At Coplex, we’re all about quickly, and capital-efficiently, de-risking the earliest stages of the startup journey. To do this, we implement our proven Coplex Lean Process to rapidly de-risk new business models, drive revenue, and turn concepts into investable enterprises.


The Age of Industry Experts in Tech

The democratization of technology is enabling “traditional” business leaders and industry experts to spin out, start, or run the next wave of the world's most valuable tech companies. Gone are the days of technologists being the only ones to build high-growth tech companies. We believe those with subject matter expertise, cultivated relationships, and business operating experience will be behind the next wave of successful technology companies.


Lead the Innovation and Disruption Happening in Your Industry

We help industry experts, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators to start, launch, and fund the next wave of high-growth tech companies in their space. Our lean startup methodologies paired with your deep industry knowledge de-risks and optimize our chances to solve big industry problems.


The Secret is in the Sauce

The Coplex Lean Process is part Scientific Method, and part Lean Startup methodologies that we’ve applied to hundreds of startups. It helps us ensure we are building the right thing, at the right time, for the right people, at a rapid pace. Together, we’ll co-create and bring your ideas to a seed-stage investable technology company in as little as nine months.

Our Mission

We empower entrepreneurs to start impactful and high-growth technology companies.

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