About Coplex.

Since 2018, Coplex has offered our 9-12 month venture builder program that provides industry experts, experienced entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators a platform for launching new startups from idea to seed-stage. We have worked with over 300 companies seeking to disrupt their industry, accelerate innovation, and remain competitive.

With innovation and digital transformation as part of our DNA, we have expanded our world-class team of experts and diverse range of startup studio capabilities to help companies of all sizes innovate faster. 

Whether you’re an SMB, enterprise, or innovation leader, Coplex gives you the advantage you need to build the next wave of high-growth businesses.

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Together, We Will Help You Innovate Faster.

The Coplex team consists of creatives, dreamers, makers, divergent thinkers, and those who want to push the bounds of innovation and help build the future. We come from a diverse range of backgrounds, expertise, and industries. Most of us have previously started their own company, been a part of a high-growth startup, or led innovation initiatives.

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