Why Coplex?

We build businesses that help companies reinvent themselves, leverage their competitive advantage, and turn their best ideas into new business models at the speed of disruption. Whether you’re an SMB, enterprise, or innovation leader, Coplex gives you the advantage you need to build the next wave of high-growth businesses.

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Transform the Future.

We solve a range of challenges to help companies from early-stage ventures to Fortune 500 drive growth through innovation powered by digital business models and our proven methodology.


Internal Innovation Expertise

New Business Models

Industry Whitespace

the Value Chain in New Ways

to Launch New Early Stage Companies

with Emerging Platforms

Innovation Portfolios

Cities’ Innovation Engines

Optimize Your
Innovation Pipeline.

Together, we launch digital business models faster than internal teams alone. Our proven innovation programs prioritize your best ideas to allow them to thrive to achieve success.

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Idea Prioritization

Translate and prioritize your best ideas into new digital business models to validate and accelerate the best.


Generate business models, market positioning, MVP, product/market fit, and GTM Strategy. 


Accelerate and scale validated models. Invest additional resources and spin-out into stand-alone companies. 

Accelerate Your Growth With Digital Business Models.

Together, we help you develop your innovation strategy by leveraging technology and your industry insights to create customer value, quickly enter new markets, and scale.

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Proven Track Record.

Our Startup Studio approach has been built on the lessons from launching over 300 companies that all had a single mission of creating a new digital business model to disrupt some segment of their industry, accelerate innovation, and remain competitive.

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