We bring together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators to solve big industry problems using technology.

Coplex Investor Network

Our active and diverse investor network includes members across the globe, including angel investors, successful entrepreneurs, VC firms, corporations, and family offices. New ventures have access to billions in capital from our collective pool of engaged and geographically-distributed investors that place bets in Coplex graduates.


Why Invest in Coplex Ventures

Each year, Coplex graduates dozens of seed-stage, investable technology companies with seasoned operators, paying customers, and strong foundations. Because we hand-build each company in our Venture Builder program and prepare our operators, you can expect a steady stream of consistent, high-quality investment opportunities.


Who can Invest in Coplex companies?

Coplex Ventures typically raise capital from high-net-worth individuals, angel investors, family offices, corporations, and venture capital firms. If you’re looking for exposure to de-risked venture capital deal flow, let’s talk.


For Coplex Ventures

Coplex Ventures gain instant access to an active and engaged network of investors from around the world, saving you time in the fundraising process and helping find the most strategic investors for your company. Our Venture Builder program ensures you have the right foundation in place to raise capital and the training you need to get the deal done.


Our Investment Partners

Here is a glimpse of investors that share positions with us on Coplex Venture cap tables.


If you’re ready to gain access to exclusive and well-vetted venture deal flow at all stages, become part of our investor network.