We bring together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators to solve big industry problems using technology.

Idea to venture-ready in as little as 9 months.

We roll-up our sleeves and work alongside you as we take your concept to venture-ready in as little as 9 months.


Leverage Your Unfair Advantage

We focus exclusively on helping entrepreneurs and Industry Experts identify, build, and grow the next wave of high-growth tech companies. Pairing our lean startup methodologies with your deep industry knowledge, we de-risk and optimize our chances for success.


A Proven Program, Designed Just for You

Our proven programs are designed specifically to rapidly de-risk new business models, drive revenue, and achieve investible.

We’ve created the playbook to rapidly take technology business models from idea to seed-ready. We understand that no two ventures are the same, therefore we offer several customized programs based on the business model. In addition, we assemble an exclusive network of mentors, investors, and advocates to surround you through your journey and beyond.



Coplex delivers extraordinary innovation through our team of expert venture builders providing entrepreneurs with hands-on support in business model shaping, design, product development, finance, go-to-market, recruiting, fundraising, and more.


Before starting our Venture Builder program, our team of expert venture builders offers private workshops to identify industry “whitespace” as well as our business modeling workshop to shape the optimal business model and chart a path-to-market.


Building technology companies from the ground up is in our DNA. Once you’ve identified your opportunity and have the path-to-market mapped out from our workshop, our Venture Builder programs get you started—fast.


Just because you’ve graduated doesn’t mean you’re done with us. Coplex provides valuable resources, access, and advisory services for our alumni companies. We also have a strong stable of trusted support partners for our graduates to partner with at preferred rates.

Coplex Ecosystem, Mentorship, and More

Creating ideal conditions for you to thrive in is the magic of the Coplex ecosystem, and we believe that mentorship success happens when you're perfectly matched.

For each unique venture, we hand-select mentors from our network to collaborate and ideate. Our mentors are world-class founders and C-level executives that have generated billions in market value.

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Valerie Paxton Former VP, Insight  LinkedIn

Valerie Paxton
Former VP, Insight

Jamie Casap Education Evangelist, Google  LinkedIn

Jamie Casap
Education Evangelist, Google

Rebecca Clyde CEO/Co-Founder, Botco.ai  LinkedIn

Rebecca Clyde
CEO/Co-Founder, Botco.ai

Yaniv Masjedi CMO, Nextiva  LinkedIn

Yaniv Masjedi
CMO, Nextiva

Coplex supported the idea for Pluto TV from day one. Their lean process not only brought my venture to life, but they took all of the necessary steps to make sure it could succeed. The practices and methodologies rooted in Coplex are still part of the Pluto foundation today.
— Ilya Pozin, Founder of Pluto TV

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Case Study

Pluto TV

Case Study


Case STudy


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+ What is an Industry Expert?

Coplex partners with Industry Experts to create high-growth technology companies. Our founders typically have at least 10 years of experience in the industry in which they are looking to solve a problem. Further, our founders have direct experience building, running, or operating companies. Alternatively, some of our founders come from senior leadership positions within the enterprise and gained experience running P&L's or divisions to gain business operating experience. The combination of business experience and industry knowledge is what Coplex looks for in founders coming through the program. We do NOT expect our founders to have experience in building technology companies as many of our founders are starting their first technology company (albeit, not their first company).

+ What types of companies does Coplex work with?

Coplex builds technology companies. Most of our companies have a software platform at the center of the concept. The majority of our ventures are SaaS, marketplace, tech-enabled, or consumer apps. The main criteria to work with Coplex is to have a business-savvy industry expert founder that is solving a problem in the space that they have experience. Coplex also works with corporations looking to start new spin-out companies with their in-house industry experts. Please ask us for more information on our Corporate Innovation program.

+ Do I need to have a full business plan and deck to start?

Not at all, in fact we prefer you don't as they are often-times based on way too many untested assumptions. If you've done some research, customer development, and business model canvasing that’s great, but don’t worry too much about having all of this together before we start. The workshop with Coplex is designed to dive into the business model.

+ Do you work with companies that are potentially competitive with each other? Will you work with two of the same idea?

Coplex has worked with over 275 startups and we plan to grow to over 500 startups per year around the world by 2023. We oftentimes bump across similar ideas in the market and sometimes they may be a direct or indirect competitor. Much like a snowflake, no two startup ideas are exactly alike. Usually there is some sort of special sauce to each of our ventures that makes its underlying business model unique. If your idea is an exact copy/paste of another venture, we’re probably not a great fit.