We bring together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators to solve big industry problems using technology.

We partner with innovative organizations to spin out and spin up high-growth technology companies.

With tech-enabled and digitally-enhanced business models controlling 50% of our global GDP in the next two years, organizations are uniquely positioned to use their unfair advantages to play a part in the innovation and disruption of their space.


We partner. We innovate. We build.

We partner with corporations to start and build high-growth technology companies.

Whether you are a traditional, mid-sized company interested in spinning out a single high-growth technology company in your industry, or a large enterprise looking to build ventures from your best innovation ideas—Coplex has a program designed for you.



As corporate innovation and corporate venture capital continue to gain popularity, Coplex provides a unique and complementary program to turn your best innovation ideas into standalone, high-growth technology companies. Leverage your unfair advantage, your customers, your data, your connections, and your depth of industry know-how to drive growth and even redefine your industry. With you, we create and build companies.

We provide the execution capability to take your best innovation ideas from the back of a napkin to an operating, de-risked, and investable business.

For Small & Mid-size Companies

Our team of entrepreneurs and venture builders will help you discover and uncover insights and find ways to apply technology business models to solve big industry problems. Rather than being on the sidelines as innovation shapes your industry, leverage your unfair advantages to participate in the disruption happening in your space with our rapid-commercialization platform. We work with you to identify whitespace, start a tech business, and grow it to an investable, standalone company in as little as nine months.

For Large Enterprises

Our Corporate Venture Builder program brings a rapid commercialization platform to your enterprise to bring your best innovation concepts to life. We bring the proven execution engine and a team that works with you to identify the top innovation ideas inside of your corporation, hand-select capable operators, and spin them out into new, venture-backable companies.

Equity Sponsorship Program

For those corporations who want to invest more passively in some of our ventures, Coplex has an Equity Sponsorship Program. We provide industry-specific opportunities with capable operators to you to consider sponsoring through the Coplex program for an equity position.

Coplex supported the idea for Pluto TV from day one. Their lean process not only brought my venture to life, but they took all of the necessary steps to make sure it could succeed. The practices and methodologies rooted in Coplex are still part of the Pluto foundation today.
— Ilya Pozin, Founder of Pluto TV

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