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Case Study


At the touch of a button, it becomes possible to locate, book, and pay for a trusted sitter. Zipsit provides families with the best babysitters in their neighborhood all on one easy-to-use, on-demand app.


Meet Peter Helms, CEO & co-founder, and Josh Benveniste, CMO & co-founder

As parents, Josh and Peter saw a need for childcare that was not only convenient but a safe option for parents. ZipSit was created to solve a problem that not only impacted them but other parents as well.

Before jumping into the tech scene and starting ZipSit, Peter Helms owned a Wealth Management firm for over 12 years. Josh Benveniste has been in executive roles in business since 1997, with previous experience ranging from medical device manufacturing to the technological innovation of the road construction industry. Combining their depth of professional experience and know-how, years of trusted relationships, and the ever-present struggle of finding the last-minute babysitter, Peter and Josh were able to co-found a high-growth tech company to solve a relevant problem.

The ZipSit team found that juggling high-demand careers, parenting, and maintaining a social life to be a struggle that was made more difficult with the impossibility of finding a reliable babysitter on short notice. Their vision to create an app for parents (and their friends) to find and share dependable, nearby sitters at the tap of a button soon became a reality. ZipSit establishes trust in a way that put busy parents’ minds at ease.


The Problem

When it comes to babysitter services, parents lacked the ability to find a trustworthy babysitter on short notice. On the supply-side of the business model, many younger adults and college students are looking for side hustles to make a few quick bucks - on their schedule.


The Solution

An on-demand technology company that makes finding sitters easier and safer by giving parents control of the process. Zipsit allows users can quickly find a sitter, view their rating and certifications, set up an in-person or virtual interview, and establish a transparent payment process.


Partnering with Coplex

The Team

Zipsit partnered with our team of startup builders to bring their idea to life. Together, our team consisted of:

Josh Benveniste Industry Expert Founder

Josh Benveniste
Industry Expert Founder

Peter Helms Industry Expert Founder

Peter Helms
Industry Expert Founder

As well as:

  • Program Manager

  • Branding and Design

  • Product Designers

  • Coplex Mentors

  • Tech Team for the Software Build

  • User Acquisition and Marketing

  • Content Experts


The Journey

Business Model Shaping & Go-To-Market

The founders of Zipsit came to Coplex with the vision to create a platform for parents to find trusted babysitters, and for those sitters to have access to work opportunities. Together, we held a business modeling workshop, defined our go-to-market ‘Experiment’, and had the concept from a napkin to revenue in less than 90 days.



Zipsit originally believed parents would use an on-demand app for babysitters and planned to front the cost of background checks for all their babysitters. The upfront cost was huge but they trusted it would taper as parents developed a rapport with a babysitter and added the babysitter to their sitter circle. A sitter circle is a small group of sitters with whom parents felt most comfortable trusting.

Zipsit realized this wasn't the most sustainable model possible, and quickly pivoted the idea to an app that let parents curate their sitter circle and shifted the vetting responsibility onto the parents; eliminating the upfront cost of background checks.


Design & Development

With the business model in place, we began planning, testing, and building Zipsit through the iterative Coplex Innovation Loop process of product releases and customer feedback. This gave us the opportunity to test critical business model assumptions early to de-risk the business model and layer in new customers, automation, and markets.

Today, Zipsit puts parents in control of the babysitting process by enabling them to find, book, and pay for a sitter—all on one helpful app.


1 Year

Hit revenue goal within the first year on the market


More than 2,000 users


$750K in Seed Capital Raised


Our team, having worked with multiple on-demand marketplaces, set out to tackle this business challenge. We were able to take Zipsit from an idea on a napkin to revenue in less than 90 days. We crafted a simple, yet powerful, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that allowed us to run a Phoenix-only “experiment” via an iOS app and some support from Twilio to manage the sit matching process with available sitters.

Today, Zipsit has expanded nationally, raised capital, hired their VP of Engineering, and built an impressive board including Lewis Coleman, Ex-President of Dreamworks, Hilary Schneider, CEO of Wag!, Todd Davis, Founder of Lifelock, and Ori Eisen, CEO of Trusona.

The tech platform itself has since expanded with iOS apps for both the sitters and the families. New features were introduced that allow for parents to manage and share their ‘circles’ of trusted sitters, see reviews of sitters from past sits, advanced scheduling, rehires, and more.

Check out Zipsit at www.zipsit.com.

We learned a lot from the consistent iterating and testing along the way at Coplex. It really shaped our solution into what the market wanted, rather than what we thought the market needed.
— Josh Benveniste, Co-Founder & CMO of Zipsit



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