Coplex and SENTIR Research Labs Launch Tech Movement in Tulsa


Kimberlee Morrison

Content Strategist at Coplex

Coplex is excited to announce our partnership with SENTIR Research Labs, an organization committed to removing blocks to research, development, and commercialization process, to cultivate and nurture a startup ecosystem in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

We kicked off the partnership on November 7th with a “Center of Gravity” event to showcase exactly how Tulsa is becoming the next hub of technological research and innovation in the coming years.

Over the last 25 years, Tulsa has worked to build a diversified technology economy. According to Clint Parr, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for SENTIR, those efforts are paying off, seemingly overnight.  

In addition to presentations from the executive team at SENTIR and Coplex CEO Zach Ferres, Congressman Kevin Hern, co-founder and managing director of Tulsa Innovation Labs Nick Lalla, and Jennifer Hankins from the Tulsa Regional Chamber all offered insights into the future of innovation in Tulsa.

“You guys can probably think of all the buzz-worthy cities in the country,” noted Jennifer Hankins from the Tulsa Regional Chamber. “What these cities have been able to successfully do is foster entrepreneurship and innovation, while seamlessly attracting talent and retaining it to really drive their regions forward.”

Coplex will be building its local team in Tulsa and partnering with SENTIR to spin up at least five new high-growth technology companies in Tulsa. Coplex has a goal to start 10-15 companies total in Tulsa in 2020.

“Tulsa has the right ingredients to become a regional force in technology and venture. This together with efforts like COG, SENTIR, 36 Degrees North, and a broader community committed to developing the local technology ecosystem pulled us in. We’re honored to be part of the development of the region’s next technology hub.”  said Zach Ferres, Coplex CEO

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